Surat known as the textile city of Gujarat is known for its production and trading of synthetic textile products. How then has it taken over the Kalamkari market, an exclusive hand craft and handloom enterprise? What's happening to Kalamkari for more than 12 months? People are seeing an onslaught of “Kalamkari fabrics / sarees” from Surat which are dominating the market. Many units in Machalipatanam and Sri Kalahasti have shut down and most of the craftsmen have become jobless. These cheap products from Surat are made from synthetic materials and are in no way connected to the authentic and ethnic Kalamkari, the pride of India.

  • How about those #1000's of whole sellers and retailers across country who sell genuine Kalamkari, why are they silent?
  • What happened to GI tags of Kalamkari? Is there any protective measure from textile department ?
  • Why all these # 1000's of business people have become silent spectators?

Dear all, this is an unfortunate situation. Take charge and save the authenticity of Kalamkari by discarding cheap imitations. Take it as a challenge and help Kalamkari (a “Global brand” from 2002-03) to grow further. Let me also share my confidence that Kalamkari on its own has untapped potential of 90%, i.e so far it could serve only 10% of global requirements.

Let us boycott Surat products, which are nothing but by-products of petroleum,very harmful to human skin.

Join the campaign against “SURAT PETRO PRODUCTS?” Come, save our National pride - the exquisite “Kalamkari!”

Please share it.

UV Rao

Founder @ Masterweaver.