To say that Kalamkari is synonymous with ethnic wear is an understatement.

Although, the first thought that comes to mind is a vision in a sari, dupatta, or a kurta, it is used for a wide range of products such as cushion covers, phone cases, wallets etc. It is the brand for people with fine sensibilities, intellectuals, and others wanting to make a statement.

Why does it have such a wide acceptance, nay, popularity among one and all?

What is it that draws people to Kalamkari, when hordes of synthetic fabrics made by man in vibrant colours and shades are available?

To begin with, the name itself gives it an authenticity and a stark stolidity beyond any descriptions or definitions. Kalam meaning pen and Kari meaning - draw / work / craftsmanship combine to form “KALAMKARI”. What an authentic name for an exquisite art form that showcases Indian tradition and culture at its best!

The raw, almost bleak but earthy colours, used in Kalamkari give it a soul searching nature that touch the innate core of a sensitive eye. Wanting to wear it, thereby, acquiring some of that timeless quality is probably the reason why it attracts many a creative and individualistic person.

However, relating it to just a niche group would be an oversimplification.

Many contemporary designers and fashion houses are brimming with styles and designs that are fast becoming global trends. From movie stars to business moguls, people are making a style statement with this timeless craft. MasterWeaver is at the forefront of this revival with exclusive new designs and applications of Kalamkari.

Kalamkari is here to stay!

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