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Think what feels close to your heart - hotel made food or Amma made food? The choice is obvious, right. Nothing can taste better than Amma's hands doing the magic.
Similarly, nothing can beat the feel of Desi clothes of  Master Weaver . Don't believe? Buy it, wear it and see for yourself.
Master Weaver 's kalamkari comes from In-house Production , Kalamkari is a form of art which has been passed on for generations, and thus it is a pride of Indian culture. 
Go the kalamkari way, explore the intricacies of kalamkari painting / Block Printing on Kora fabrics, enjoy the softness and comfort of handloom and handicrafts.
Support “ Made in India “ to be more specific Kalamkari’s are made only in India. Buy Master Weaver 's kalamkari. Buy a fabric or get a readymade styled blouse in a variety of materials like cotton, silk, silkcotton etc.
Our kalamkari is 100% handmade and original. Don't get duped by replica which is machine made, like the ones made in Surat which is unethical. Master Weaver 's kalamkari is the most authentic kalamkari you can easily have access to, that's why we are a trusted brand by thousands of customers, just like how you believe your mom's cooking.....