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Ayushman FaceCoverings– The New offering from your Master Weaver 
Dear Friends,
You are more than just a Customer. You are a Friend of Master Weaver!
As your trusted friends, your safety is utmost important to us. We all know that from our ancient days, we are all used to natural medical practices to improve Oxygen levels  by inhaling a pack mix of natural elements like Camphor, Clove and Ajwain.
During these  times, it is advisable to keep such a mixture in a soft cloth, make a small bag of it and keeping inhaling it every few minutes. These materials provide us organic stimuli to improve oxygen levels. You would have seen this message being shared widely on the social media, informing that this mixture inhalation can increase blood oxygen level and even relieve respiratory distress. 
Master Weaver’s Unique Ayushman Face Coverings
For those who believe in the centuries old practice of using natural ingredients to stimulate Oxygen – Master Weaver is happy to introduce :
Aysuhman Face coverings– to strengthen our battle against 
This unique face Covering which is made of organic materials comes with a specially designed sachet that has – Camphor, Clove and Ajwain, in the form of granules. The detachable sachet sits in a pocket at the Nose point of the face Covering and can hold natural ingredients to stimulate oxygen in your body. 
To protect you, this Ayushman Face cover has 5 layers:
Top Layer 1: Made up of 100% cotton, with a dobby woven,  natural cream fabric. Layer 2 & 3: Synthetic fabric – to give strength to the face Face covering
Layer 4: Inner layer- Made with 100% cotton with natural cream fabric
Layer 5: Specially designed with a pocket to hold sachet touching the inner layer , Fabric used is treated with organic myrobalan ( Karakkaya)
The sachet is detachable – and the contents could be changed / refilled periodically,
The contents of the sachet (Camphor, Cloves, Ajwain) at the time of purchase of the face Covering are totally free to you - complimentary from your friends at Master Weaver. 
This granules sachet and the content may be used by those who believe in the age-old practice of using these natural materials to increase oxygen levels. Usage of this sachet is at the complete discretion of wearer/buyer. Any risk is to be borne by the wearer/buyer only.
Master Weaver explicitly declares that it is solely selling the Face Covering with a special pocket to hold the sachet for the convenience of the buyer/wearer. The sachet, with the mix of the granules is not for sale, and Master Weaver takes no responsibility on effects of ingredients .
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to serve you. 
Team Master Weaver
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