It is that time of the year when we bow down our heads in humility and gratitude to all the farmers who provide us with food and nourishment to go about our lives with joyful verve. For it is the harvest festival, and all our rural lands explode in a riot of harvest festivities. On the auspicious day of Makara Sankranthi, let us all remember to be grateful to each other and distribute Til-gul or sesame laddoos by saying-

“Eat these sesame and jaggery laddoos and speak sweet words”.

It is believed that the Sun God forgets his anger on his son Shani and visits him during this time. He is setting an example for all members of society to be tolerant and live in peace. Many rituals abound during this three-day festival- Bhogi manta, Kite flying, Rangoli preparations etc. It is the only festival that falls during the same time every year signifying the importance of letting go of the past and rejoicing in new beginnings.

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From our team at MasterWeaver, we wish all our customers a very happy Makara Sankranthi. May the Sun God radiate peace, prosperity and joy in your lives!